Catch the attention of your audience.

I most often use motion for social media marketing, email headers, in-app messaging and interfaces.

Maybe you need a title sequence for a television series or a film, an explainer video, an intro for a YouTube channel, or perhaps it’s as simple as an animated GIF for your Facebook page. No animation job is too big or too small.

Peak Labs

The Brain Training App

When a new user signs up to Peak (to level up their brain) they see the first message in this four part series. A few days later, if they haven’t already signed up to Pro, they will receive day two - and so on and so fourth. The great thing about these animations is that they were exported as code. The benefits here are that they will resize to fit any phone, and we can easily tweak the text and the link behind the button without having to go back into the animation.

people wavingballoons flyingracing carowl playing on a phone

Cannes Lions

The International Festival of Creativity

A selection of animations I designed for the big screen above the red carpet stairs at Cannes Lions 2019.

big screen at Cannes Lions
supercharging animation

Supercharge Your Creativity - the aim was to stand out in the LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram newsfeeds and drive delegate ticket sales.

chain reaction animation

Chain Reaction - an intro to a series where the speakers at the Festival give brief overview of their talk and then nominate another speaker.

A Few of my Favourites

cat sleepingjack walkingrocket launchgirl walking on the worlddiver swimminggandalf