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The Brief

To allow Tim & Anna to easily upload information, video trailers, reviews and awards of their past and present productions.



Webflow CMS (Content Management System)

From the client side of things, it's a piece of cake. They have a simple form to input the information, drag and drop pictures and paste video links. They then hit publish, and the site does all the work for them.


Three categories for their productions

When a production is uploaded, they have an option to tick for which category it should be featured it - past, current or in development. Once a production is out of development and is live, they simply change the toggle to select "current" and it moves into the right place on the site.


A versatile production page

The layout of each production's page will change depending on what content is uploaded. For example, some will have reviews, some won't - some will have YouTube trailers, some won't. Webflow can be very clever sometimes!

Who worked on the project?

Tom Piggott
Tom Piggott
Tom Piggott
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What the client thinks

We couldn’t have been happier with Tom’s work. He taught us not only how to love the shiny, all-singing/dancing website he designed for us, but also to how to amend its content with confidence! Tom is a good-humoured, patient, meticulous collaborator whose grasp of our requirements (we are a small theatrical production company) helped to lend his work both style and genuine empathy.

Tim Whitnall & Anna Murphy

Owners at Feather Productions Ltd

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