Why work with me?

From the moment I first picked up a pencil, all I’ve ever wanted to do is create stuff. I love the care and precision that goes into design. I tend to gravitate toward a clean aesthetic as I believe in user oriented design. That means that our number one goal is for the user experience to make sense. Page elements are where they need to be and the look and feel of the website is relevant to the target audience.



I have 14 years experience. I’ve worked in print, branding, motion, app design, web design and web development.



I’m an honest, hard worker. Don't be put off if you have a smaller budget, we can work something out.



I've built lots of sites and my experience has lead me to a tried and tested method. We won’t waste any time.



I love what I do and I enjoy including you in the process. There will be no boring meetings here! Let's have fun 😄

The extended team

I believe that the best work comes from a team. If I tried to do everything myself, it would be average at best. Here's the full team and a little bit about each of us.

Tom Piggott

UI Design

I’m an all rounder - working on branding, strategy, UX, UI and development. My favourite food is pizza and when I’m not working I like to take HIIT classes, teach my dog pointless tricks and play piano badly. I live in Bristol.

Carla Kuchel

UI Design

Carla is our expert UI designer. I was lucky enough to mentor her in her previous role and was thrilled that she wanted to come on board and design with me. Carla’s favourite food is cereal and she loves to hike and travel when she’s not working. Carla lives in London.

Nicklas Schmölker

UI Design

Nicklas knows how to do everything. If you need something complicated, this is your guy. Nicklas’ favourite food is enchiladas and when he’s not working he loves to surf, snowboard and skateboard. Oh, and he lives in Sweden.

Nick Steer

UI Design

Nick’s last position before becoming a freelancer was as Head of Creative and Brand Experience at Cannes Lions. Nick has an expert eye for detail and is fantastic at seeing the bigger picture. Nick’s favourite food is sushi and he loves to cook and walk the dog when he’s not working (he doesn’t cook the dog). Nick lives in London.

Lasma Liepina


Lasma is a very talented illustrator. I’m always impressed by how she listens to the brief and goes the extra mile to understand it. She has never failed to exceed mine, or our clients’ expectations. Lasma’s favourite food is anything homemade and when she’s not working she loves to cook and grow vegetables. Lasma lives in Latvia.

Finn D'Albert

Brand Development

Finn is our word nerd and a talented tone of voice chameleon. Her favourite food is melted cheese and when she's not working she's a musician. Finn lives in London.

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Web Design

Figma Guide for Beginners

What software do I use?

For those of you who are interested, here’s a list of the software I spend most of my time in. I use Webflow to develop websites because of its incredibly powerful CMS (content management system) and the fact that it speeds up the coding process by approximately 10x.

webflow logo
figma logo
sketch logo
adobe xd logo
adobe illustrator logo
adobe after effects logo
After Effects

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