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The Brief

To present a large amount of information clearly & to figure out how to show two different sides of one business without overwhelming the site visitors.



A two tiered navigation system

The black navigation bar at the top gives and overview and then we have a second pink nagivation that changes depending on what side of the site you're viewing. If we put all of the possible links on one bar it would be too overwhelming.


A clear site switch to swap between the two sides

Always visible at the top of every page are three clear buttons - children's classes, adult classes and book classes. A clear active state on the button always shows the user where they are at any given time.


An accordion menu system for quick overviews

A lot of pages have a lot of content, so a lot of that would only be visible when you scroll down the page. With an accordion system, you can quickly see headers for all of the sections, and then only expand thos ethat are relevant to you.

Who worked on the project?

Pirrip Press
Tom Piggott
Tom Piggott
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What the client thinks

Having used ‘easy’ software before for my dance + fitness business website, and come up against several issues, Tom’s webflow solution has made my life so much easier. Not only do I have a bespoke design (the two sides to my business and previously proved difficult to make clear and easy to view) but one I can edit as I need to. Which, with changing class times and new images, is often! Completely worth spending time and money on the initial research and set up as now I can operate without Tom (except for when I wanted to set up an online shop and pandemic pop up which he did within hours) and without ruining the aesthetic.

Jo Higlett

Owner at Clifford Studios

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