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Mapping out the UK's Alternative Legal Service Provider market

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The Brief

Build a tool to allow users to search through categories of Legal Service Providers, learn about the companies and easily make contact.



Webflow tabs to break down the categories

On the home page we use Webflow's native tabs component to split up the four groups of categories. This is so that we don't have one long list and it's therefore easier to digest the content. Our client can easily add new categories through the CMS.


Individual category pages

Using Webflow's CMS we can easily build a single templated page to list out all companies that belong to a certain category. We used Refokus' CMS filters to allow the use filter the list of companies by type and target market also adding a search input for easy searching.


Category finder using Type Form

If a user doesn't know which category they need to look in, they can use the extensive type form that we embedded into the site. The form asks a series of questions about the problem and redirects to the correct category page at the end.

Who worked on the project?

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Tom Piggott
Nick Steer
Tom Piggott
Nick Steer

What the client thinks

Hannah Sinclair

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